Investment Excellence

There are many reasons we selected TIFF as our investment advisor. TIFF, part of The Investment Fund for Foundations, is a pillar of the asset management community synonymous with high-quality investing. Since 1991, TIFF  has been regarded as an organization with a reputation for unwavering integrity. Similar to CIS, it was founded with the sole purpose of serving the investment needs of non-profits, and TIFF shares our passion for investment excellence. 

Here are few of TIFF’s strengths, which we believe will bring significant benefits to CIS clients:

Depth of Experience

With approximately $7.8 billion in assets under management (including committed capital), and nearly 700 members spread across more than 40 states, TIFF has a staff and board of directors who are experienced institutional investors, including the chief investment officers of leading endowments and foundations.

Track Record of Success

In its 25-year history, TIFF has achieved a record of investment excellence by adding value to the investment returns of non-profit organizations.

Manager Selection Experience

TIFF specializes in selecting and monitoring outstanding investment managers.

Mission Alignment

CIS, our clients, and TIFF have something very important in common: We’re all non-profits. TIFF’s mission includes enhancing investment returns, reducing investment expenses, and broadening the investment choices available for non-profit organizations, all of which supports what we’re working to deliver to CIS clients.

  • Endowment-Style
    Investment Approach
  • Investments Consistent
    with Catholic Principles
  • Risk Management
    and Stewardship